Sunday, September 25, 2011

Right, Acute, Obtuse Angle Flash Cards for SMART Notebook

Teaching angles used to be something that I found very difficult. I remember trying numerous ways to get my students to see that the measure of an angle was determined by how much it opened, or rotated on its vertex.

Teaching this concept has become much easier on a SMARTBoard. Flash animations like the Angle Flash Card Mini-Movies pictured above show angles rotating on their vertices, making the concept come alive for students.

Try out these mini-movies on your SMARTBoard with this free download. Just click on the link below and a SMART Notebook gallery collection file will download to your desktop. Open the file and the angle flash cards are automatically added to your My Content folder.

Types of Angles Flash Cards

Check out the rest of's geometry Flash mini-movies with the Interactive Geometry Whiteboard Teacher Pack. It includes many more angle angle animations, including the Interactive Angle. You'll also find mini-movies that teach circle concepts as well basic geometry concepts like lines, segments, parallel, perpendicular and more.

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Donna Smith said...

I enjoy checking in to see what you have for technology for education. I am retired this year, but still enjoy keeping up to date.
I am listing you as a Versatile Blogger. Please check it out on my site