Monday, July 16, 2007

iPods in the Classroom: Learning science vocabulary with video podcasts

The following is taken from a grant request that I wrote with another teacher in my building (the grant request was rejected). If you are reading from aggregator, click through to see an example video from TeacherTube.

Here's another idea for iPods in the classroom. Have your students create and view video podcasts of essential mathematics and science vocabulary from current units of study (see above example). The words will be selected from vocabulary found in your state standards, study materials, prepared lists, and lists of verbs used in test questions and curriculum standards. Have them use a planning guide to discuss how to communicate the concept and draft a script. This may include downloading of images from the Internet, student drawings, or photos from classroom digital cameras. Then have them use multiple recording and software tools to record audio, edit, and share their video podcasts with their peers.

Traditionally, vocabulary is often taught by presenting kids with a list of words and having them memorize it and then regurgitate it for a test. When students create a product such as a video podcast, they are creating meaning by actively researching examples and images to illustrate the word.

The project would enable students to apply vocabulary knowledge to the math and science areas as well increase reading comprehension and writing skills. Students would be able to hear themselves read their scripts out loud, this will influence reading fluency.

Assess the project in two ways: (1) Grades: by unit on tests in math science, reading and writing; quarterly through short quizzes on the vocabulary words; and ultimately through students’ performance on the state test. (2) Observations and student interviews.

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madhu said...

Interesting article Even I am planning to experiment this project with my student.

actually my Ipod battrey was dead. I just purchased New Battery from and changed myself and now I am ready to go ahead with the project.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! This does not necessarily have to be restricted to maths and science either as I come from a Visual Arts KLA and would love to implement this technique with students in my classes as well. I think that when students are involved in deciding the process their learning will take and are actively involved their learning will increase dramatically, creating a more actively engaged and interested class, you can't loose!