Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Web 2.0 for Kids & Travel Web Sites

A little while back I wrote about Webkinz and how my students are using the Website to connect with friends online. I got a couple comments on that post, one full of other Websites rich with social possibilities for younger ones. Here they are:
I'm not real familiar with the last two, but when trying to access Runescape, my school's filter blocked it!!

A short while ago I also wrote about using Flickr to plan a trip. A comment from that post directed me to this site where I learned about these two sites:
Tripwiser provided me with much more information for my big trip to Acadia than Triptie. I was pretty impressed all around with the information and photos that I got there.

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Murray said...

Hi James. My daughter got very involved in Neopets when she was about 8 years old. She learned mountains of stuff, including HTML (she even got voted "Site of the Day" at one point and then was deluged with requests from other users for site design.)

Sadly, she lost interest in it and has not even pursued HTML development. In this case, I think she got scared by success!

Anyway, I think these sites have a lot of potential for engagement and learning (I noticed that there is a NEODAQ stock trading index in Neopets :-). Neopets is ranked 173rd most popular site by Alexa.

Kristin Birdsey said...

I've just found your blog and I cannot express how much I love it! I'm working on my Master's degree in elementary education with a specialization in technology at the University of Florida. Your posts are really in tune with what I've been learning in my classes. Your blog is an outstanding resource and I appreciate you sharing what you've discovered.

I will be doing my internship in a 5th grade classroom this fall. Thankfully, my school has wonderful technology resources. I cannot wait to use the Web 2.0 in my classroom. Hearing about other teacher's use of technology to enhance learning really gets me excited about the possibilities.

What led me to your blog was a post back from January about using blogs to improve students' extended responses in math. I loved it! I think it is an excellent idea to help improve students' abilities to explain their thinking and processes. I also believe it could improve their overall metacognition , since they would begin to anticipate having to explain their thinking and receiving feedback based on those explanations.


Chainsaw Wilbur said...

Hi James-

I was hoping you could add our site called TripCart to your list.

Our site is specifically geared towards families and kids and we make sure to have a special section in each of our guides for families to find the best activities for kids - for instance here are our sections for Kids in New York City and for Kids in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Can you suggest me some good travel websites?