Sunday, May 27, 2007

Using Flickr to Plan a Trip

Rugged Coast of Maine, originally uploaded by Karnevil.

A friend and I are finalizing plans for a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine this summer. One of my favorite parts of travel is the planning. Of course, in planning for this trip I've checked out a few informational sites that help visitors plan lodging, dining, site seeing, etc. However, none of these sites have many photos, and I'm really interested in SEEING what the park looks. It wasn't until today that I thought about paying Flickr a visit to do just this.

Above you'll see just one of the many photos that Flickr users have posted under the tag acadianationalpark. In fact, after a little clicking I found myself in a cluster full of photos with tags like acadia, barharbor, cadillacmountain, and desertisland, all tags for photos of places located in or around Acadia National Park. I even found a user who had a set titled Acadia National Park.

What I love is being able to click on a photo, see it and then click on the tags that go with it to see other photos that have the same tag. For all these reasons, Flickr has been great for helping me plan my trip to Acadia.

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the importance of actually seeing photos of places you want to visit.

There are some new sites that allow you to see photos and itineraries of other people's trips, and then allow you to create your own online.

I've used them personally have had my students, particularly English Language Learners and my geography students, use them to plan trips that they then post on my website.

Here's my recent post about it:

And, by the way, have a great summer trip!