Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Drag and Drop Mini-Movies on

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New Drag and Drag Drops

The majority of the SMARTBoard mini-movies on are defined by their simple interactivity. Push a button and watch a concept come alive through animation. It's time to introduce a new generation of interactivity: drag and drop mini-movies. These new animations allow teachers and their students to drag multiple items across the screen of an electronic whiteboard, push a button, and get instant feedback.

In the weeks and months ahead, watch out for tons of math and science drag and drops (food webs and some AWESOME DRAG AND DROP GRAPHS!). Right now though, check out a few examples from the first bunch that has been added to the site:
By the way, if you're planning to teach fractions and decimals soon, there are almost 30 new mini-movies on comparing and ordering fractions and decimals. Also, there are several new worksheets:
Coming up in the weeks ahead:
  • A SchoolTube movie that tells how to use the mini-movies in the classroom.
  • More Worksheets
  • More and more drag and drop mini-movies.

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