Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Clip Art

Rather than offer new mini-movies this month, I've created new pages with a lot of the clip art that appears in them and the related student activities. Teachers can use the clip art in their Notebook presentations or for creating worksheets. You can find the clip art on the mini-movie page, or you can just click below:
  • Alphabet Geometry Clip Art - If you teach geometry concepts with letters, then you'll want to check out this clip art.
  • Everything Geometry Clip Art - Here you'll find triangles and quadrilaterals with the symbols that help kids classify them, types of angles, and more.
  • Dominoes Clip Art - There's a full set of double six dominoes--perfect for teaching addition, subtraction, doubles, and family of facts.
  • Science Clip Art - This modest collection includes some images for teaching various forms of energy.

Math & Social Studies Printables

Introduce your students to writing in the math classroom with a popular resource on The 59 printable math prompts that you can find in the Bright Ideas section of the site (click here to see the prompts) are perfect for assessing disposition, learning, and process.

All of the webpages that you'll find in the Slavery in America and Waves of Immigration student activities are printable. Just look for the GRAB IT! button:

The printed pages (or web-based activities) would be perfect for teaching nonfiction reading or as supplements to a social studies curriculum. You can use them to teach about the following:

Look for more mini-movies in the weeks ahead. For immediate updates, follow (jtubbs) on Twitter.

More Social Studies Resources: Declaration of Independence | Constitution WebQuest

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