Monday, September 07, 2009

Teach Multiplication with SMARTBoard Version of Circles and Stars

Now teachers can use SMARTBoard mini-movies on to teach multiplication with a SMARTBoard version of the dice game Circles and Stars. In the traditional version, students roll a die once to determine the number of circles. They draw the circles on paper. They then use a second roll of the die to determine the number of stars to draw inside the circles. Finally, they write a multiplication expression and product based on the circles and stars.

In the SMARTBoard version, students come to the board, push the CIRCLES button for the number of circles and then the STARS button for the number of stars. From there, students can write the multiplication expression over (or under) the mini-movie. The circles and stars animations aren't revealed until students click the buttons. There are 24 multiplication mini-movies in all so most teachers should be able to create a SMART Notebook presentation with enough problems to engage the whole class.

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