Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goal for 2009-2010: Integrate iPods into the Subject Areas

A few years ago another teacher and I received a grant from Best Buy for the Online Science Fair. After purchasing the materials, we had quite a bit of money left over and decided to buy three iPods. Unfortunately, because of other priorities, the iPods were put in a box and set aside for the past three years, wasting away.

NO MORE! This year I have decided to put these tools to use. One of my goals for 2009-2010 is to find the best ways to use these three iPods in my classroom. At this point, my goal is to have my students consume information from the iPods rather than produce information for them. In other words, I have no plans to have my students create podcasts, videos, slideshows, or any other content. Instead, I'm looking to use the iPods in the following ways:

  • Math Intervention: Students will view video podcasts and Unitedstreaming videos on topics that they are struggling with in math. For instance, say my students take a quiz on prime factorization and a few don't do so well. During a specified time they will be invited to my classroom to watch a video on an iPod that teaches prime factorization. After viewing the video and completing some more practice, they will be allowed to retake the quiz for a better score.
  • Math Enrichment: It's unfortunate, but we math teachers often are so busy teaching our students the required concepts that we often don't get a chance to show them how cool math can be outside of the classroom. I'd like to have several videos/podcasts on the iPods that show situations in the real world where math is involved (like the Fibonacci sequence in nature, Game Theory, etc.). There are a few on the Math Guy Podcast.
  • Science Enrichment: If a student shows an interest in a topic we are studying, I'd like to be able to find a podcast or video for him/her and have it ready for them to watch on an iPod. HowStuffWorks has a content channel on the Apple Learning Interchange with some interesting videos.
  • Social Studies Enrichment: Current event videos come to mind here.

After doing a simple Google search (ipods classroom) I found some sites that will be helpful to any teacher looking to integrate iPods:

I Need Your Help

I don't get a ton of comments on this blog, but I'd like to ask if any readers have other ideas for using iPods with your students and/or if you know of other resources where I could find some. Thanks!

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Langwitches said...

I have been interested for a long time in using iPods in the classroom.
Here is a link to my account tagged with iPods. You might find some interesting links there for using iPods in the classroom.

Looking forward to reading more about your experiences in the classroom with the iPods.

Miss Cheese said...

I know you don't teach English or Language Arts; however, I'm assuming you have your students write. With writing comes grammar. Grammar Girl has a podcast you can download for free on iTunes. There is also a website. Just google "Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips." You could always have your students listen to one of her podcasts on a certain topic. There are tons of them!

~Jenn~ said...

I just found you blog and noticed that you have some really interesting ideas for math! I am a sixth grade math teacher and still have students struggling with multiplication facts! I use my iPod to play multiplication rap songs while they work on their other assignments. I only have my students for an hour before they change classes, so this is only done for the first 10-15 minutes of the class period. Thanks for the ideas!

Chellita Carlyle said...

Your goals sound great! This is the first time that I have heard of using an i-pod in the classroom to enhance learning. I teach high school math at an inner-city school and I think using this in my classroom would be awesome!

BJ Bagwell said...

You may also discover some ideas, or podcasts resources for your work at, The Educational Podcast Network. Good luck with your ipod project. I look forward to reading more about how it goes!