Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ADD? Try divergent thinker

Ever hear of the Edison Trait? I ran across an article while researching creativity that explains it. Might be something that you want to read, particularly if you have been frustrated in the past by kids who exhibit the behaviors that characterize ADD.

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Unknown said...

Not that the ideas in that article aren't worth pursuing, but I am a little dubious about the source. It may be that I am a little closed minded about someone that describes themselves as:

"Toni is also a direct channel for the Light Orbs who are the Guardians of the Soul. She does long distance healing, spiritual counseling, soul readings, light orb readings and chakra readings by appointment."

and other such nonsense such as being a "multidimensional traveler and a quantum physicist".

Sorry but you gotta get a better link to this idea for it to be taken seriously.


misterteacher said...

Thanks Matt. I guess I need to read a little farther into the article. Really though, just something I'm throwing out there.

Here's another link for you:

Edison Trait Book

misterteacher said...

Another link:

Lucy Jo Palladino

Thanks for making me look further into this.