Monday, January 08, 2007

More on Video Games and Internet Safety

"It is by opening doors, not closing them that we create new possibilities for our children and new futures for ourselves."

An appropriate conclusion for a well argued piece from Pete Reilly called The Facts About Online Abuse and Schools. "How justified are our fears?" Reilly asks about the intense fear that schools have of exposing students to online predators. Using statistics on child and sexual abuse, he leads readers to believe that the walls we are erecting in our schools, due to these fears, need to be broken down.

Microsoft Vista, Gaming, and Parental Controls

From the NYTimes comes an article about the new safety features Microsoft is adding to its new operating system. For the first time, parents have "...powerful, easy-to-use, practically unhackable tools to control and monitor just about everything their children do with the home computer, online and off."

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