Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Introducing Education in a Flat World

Although it's been several months since I listened to Thomas Friedman's book, I'm still riding the wave of inspiration it instilled in me when I first learned about the Flat World. As a result, I've decided this year I'd like to take my use of the read/write web to the next level. In addition to continuing my use of blogs, I'd like to begin using wikis so that my class can collaborate with other classes.

Collaborate, that's the key word. I'm looking for some tech savvy teachers who are interested in using the tools of the read/write web (wikis and blogs) to get their students collaborating and communicating with other students. To help me in my search, I created a new wiki over at Wikispaces (without advertising!) called Education in a Flat World. The site serves two purposes: (1) To educate teachers about the flat world and how it can enhance their teaching. (2) To connect teachers and their classrooms with another classroom, or classrooms, from across the neighborhood, state, country, or across the planet for the purpose of collaboration.

If you are a teacher, adminstrator, or a tech person at a school somewhere and are interested in collaborating on a few projects, or know a teacher who is, please visit the site. This should be easy for some of the bloggers out there like Tim, Dean, Steve, or some of the educators who read this blog. I've already posted a couple projects that I'd like to work on this year.

Although I've put some time into the site, it is definitely incomplete. So, by all means, feel free to register and add your knowledge to the site.

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Ms. Cramer said...

I've been looking through your web site and am impressed. I am trying out some new things this year in Sarasota, FL. I teach 5 classes of Honors Geometry and one class of Alg.1. I would love to find a project for my Alg. kids. I have laptops, and a set of TI 84+. The problem is I'm winging it.
I'm trying to differentiate my Geometry classes with more activities and projects. The syllabus is online if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

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