Monday, December 05, 2005

Live from SOITA 2005

I just finished a presentation titled "TiVo for Teachers: Content On-Demand with RSS & Podcasting" at the Southwest Ohio Instructional Technology Association (SOITA)'s annual conference (check out the handouts at Although Monday is generally the day when fewer people attend the conference, I was disappointed with the turnout--only about 10 people attended my session. I feel that RSS is defintely one of the more important technologies out there now, but it just hasn't reached Ohio yet.

Another disappointment: I searched through the conference planner for sessions on blogs, podcasting, wikis, or any other Web 2.0 technology and there were very few. I do plan on attending a session on Moodle this afternoon and another session on Podcasting to end the day. Other than those and my session, nothing. This was the case last year as well.

I can say though that the response to my session was positive. Although only one or two participants had heard of RSS, many of them were taking notes and asking questions.

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Salvor said...

Hi James, I found your blog while searching google for flickr for teachers. Your work is very inspiring for other teachers. I am a big fan of flickr and use it in education. I teach at a teacher university in Iceland and I require all my graduate students to do projects in flickr. All my students have blogs too, that is part of their digital portfolio.

my username on flickr is salvor