Sunday, December 25, 2005

Lesson Plan: Guess My Country

Ohio Content Standards
  • Social Studies - Geography -
    • Use coordinates of latitude and longitude to locate points on a world map.
    • Use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe the relative location of places.
    • Place countries and cities on the continents on which they are located.
Materials & Technology
  • Planiglobe Online Map Creator
  • World Atlas
  • Student blogs

This lesson makes use of the comment link to connect students and acquire data about their learning. Each student uses an atlas to find a country somewhere in the world. Then, using geography skills, they create clues for other students to use to find their mystery country. After the other students have figured out all the clues, they then place their answers as comments on the student's weblog.

  1. Students should first complete a Mystery Country Challenge (scroll down to find example) that you have created yourself.
  2. After students have figured out what the mystery country is, have them read over the directions for the assignment.
  3. Next, have the students click on the link for Planiglobe. Using this site, have students find their countries. Planiglobe allows users to dim the country's name so that only the borders and cities show. Once they have done this, have students save a printer friendly version of the image and upload it to their blogs.
  4. Using a world atlas, have students create six clues based on the requirements in the directions.
  5. Have students insert the country's image into a blog post and then type the clues under the image.
  6. After posting, each student then attempts to find the other students' countries and place their answers as comments.
  • Check each students clues for accuracy.
    • Clues one & two - relative locations written correctly - 2 pts
    • Clues three & four - landforms correctly identified; rel. loc. correct - 1 pt
    • Clue five - intermediate direction correct - 1 pt
    • Clue six - latitude and longitude written correctly - 1 pt
    • Total - 6 pts
Student Examples

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