Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lesson Plans for Web 2.0

I figure there are enough ed tech blogs out there posting about the wonders of Web 2.0. By the time I get a chance to write about the newest thing, it's already been written about on 1, 207 other blogs. There don't seem to be many blogs out there though that feature actual lesson plans with examples of student work.

With my job change, I've also changed subjects. I mean, I added a few. I now teach everything--science, social studies, math, and language arts. Because I am no longer focused on just math, I am now open to explore new uses for the Web 2.0 tools--particularly blogs and podcasts. Therefore, the emphasis of this blog must now change. I'd like to start posting the lesson plans that I have used that require the use of blogs, digital images, podcast, and more.

Henceforth, this blog shall no longer be known as The Future of Math, but as misterteacher.com and will be a resource for teachers looking for lesson plans, classroom applications, and tips for teaching using the read/write web.


Singpolyma said...

Do you know of a good lesson plan sharing site (ie a web 2.0-style lesson plan site) for teachers?

misterteacher said...

A new site called Teachade is trying to be one of those sites. It's new though and might not yet have what you are looking for.