Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lesson Plan: Landforms

Ohio Content Standards

Grade 6
  • Geography - Benchmark A: Identify on a map the location of major physical and human features of each continent.
Materials & Technology

This is a short and simple lesson that is great for introducing students to blogging. In this activity students are given the task of combining the definitions of two landforms and with a photo of each in two blog entries. Each student then presents their entries to the class (using an LCD projector); during the presentation students copy the definition and get a nice visual of the landform through the photos.

Preparation & Technical Skills
  1. Each student should have their own blog. (I recommend 21Publish for blogging services)
  2. Pass out a list of landforms with or without definitions. Assign each student two to three landforms to define and illustrate for the class.
  3. If students are not familiar with Google Images, teach a mini-lesson on how to search for and choose a photo of their landforms.
  4. Students should know how to download images from the Internet. If not, teach a mini-lesson on saving images from the Internet to the desktop.
  5. Finally, students should also be able to upload the photo to their blogs.

I used this lesson to introduce my students to the world of blogging. Therefore, I did not assess technical skills or even the entries. I did however require every student to write down the definitions of each landform during the presentations. After giving them a few days to study, I gave a quiz on the definitions of each landform and also required students to be able to identify them on a map.

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