Saturday, October 22, 2005

Links for the Week: Assessment Resources &

Assessment is one of my favorite topics to write about. I believe that implementing an effective system of assessment in the classroom is one of the keys to improving student achievement. Below are links to some resources on assessment FOR learning, also known as formative assessment, or student-involved assessment.
  • The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA): Assessment for Learning - Great overview with many downloadable materials. Definitely download and read: Assessment for Learning: Beyond the Black Box.
  • Assessment Training Institute: I attended a year long training program from this group and I have to say it was amazing! It changed the way I teach. Subscribe to the eBulletin and check out some of the group's articles under the resources link.
  • Center for Performance Assessment: Ever hear of Doug Reeves? Enough said. Click on the link and spend a few hours here.

Link of the Week -

From the site:
MyMathTutor is a web-based learning or eLearning program designed to supplement traditional course materials and classroom instruction. Our system is centered around video tutorials that show how to solve various math problems in an easy to follow teaching style. We leverage Internet technology and streaming video to bring an effective and affordable learning system to math students.
The videos on this site cover Pre-Algebra through Trigonometry and are about 6 - 10 minutes in length. To watch them, you'll need Real Player 9 or higher. Textbook author Charles P. McKeague is the instructor in all of the videos.

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