Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Magic of Inspiration

So I opened Inspiration on my iMac last night and in a matter of minutes I had brainstormed a complex graphic organizer of my goals for 2005. This program is spectacular. With all the enthusiasm surrounding the read/write web, sometimes it seems that software like Inspiration has been forgotten. This is a crime. I could have gone on all night, creating new topics, adding to other ones, and making connections between all of them. My final organizer would not have been organized at all, but a jumbled mess, unreadable to anyone, including me. So I cut myself off, reluctantly.

The ability to take brainstorm topics and then have the software organize them on the page is powerful. After I have finished brainstorming, I like to take all the topics and situate them in such a way that related topics are next to each other. I then delete any that are redundant. Next I begin to elaborate on the main topics by giving definitions, explanations, or including any other thoughts. Finally, I make connections.

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