Sunday, July 24, 2011

Direct to Notebook SMARTBoard Resources

It's now easier than ever to increase the number of resources in SMART Notebook's My Content folder. Beginning this August all Whiteboard Teacher Pack downloads from will come with a gallery collection file that contains the Flash mini-movies. Open the file and the Flash mini-movies that you have purchased are automatically added to the My Content folder. The mini-movies will show up in their own file and be instantly available to add to your SMART Notebook lessons.

New Licensing Options

Also this fall, will be offering new licensing options for the Whiteboard Teacher Packs.
  • Classroom License - This option allows teachers unlimited use of the Flash mini-movies on an interactive whiteboard within one classroom. The mini-movies can be copied from one computer to an unlimited number of computers within the same classroom.
  • Site License - This license allows a download to one computer and then the option to save and share the Flash mini-movies, teacher guides, and printable assessments with all teachers throughout one school building. This is an incredible deal for technology coordinators, curriculum specialists, department chairs, or anyone else looking to purchase SMARTBoard resources for a large group of teachers at a very reasonable price.

New Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundles

Several of the Whiteboard Teacher Packs have been combined to form discounted bundles.
  • Math Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundle - Purchase every whiteboard teacher pack at a discounted rate. With over 200 Flash mini-movies, dozens of interactive activities, and over 60 printable assessments, this bundle will instantly enhance your SMARTBoard lessons!
  • Fraction, Decimal, Percent Bundle - The fraction, decimal, & percent teacher packs were combined for this bundle. Get 0ver 60 mini-movies for a fraction of the price!
  • Geometry & Transformations Bundle - Teach a number of geometry standards from the early grades through high school. This bundle includes three virtual manipulatives!

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