Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Pattern Tool Whiteboard Teacher Pack for K-2 Teachers

All new for K-2 teachers, the Pattern Tool Whiteboard Teacher Pack includes a virtual manipulative that teachers can download and insert into their interactive whiteboard software. With this tool, you can teach your primary (K-2) students how to analyze patterns, build common patterns (ab, aab, abc, etc.), extend them, create similar patterns. You can also create growing patterns and build student capacity in sorting and classifying shapes.

Purchase the Pattern Tool Whiteboard Teacher Pack and the Pattern Tool is yours to keep. Keep it on a folder on your computer or add it to the My Content folder in SMART Notebook. Add as many mini-movies to your activities as you want and write on them, resize them, and/or put multiple mini-movies on the same slide.

Preview and download the mini-movie or take your instruction further with the Pattern Tool Whiteboard Teacher Pack. This packs include the virtual manipulative, printable worksheets, and a teacher's guide. More information.

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