Monday, January 05, 2009

From Hobby to Business - Incredible Social Studies Resources

As a fifth grade teacher, it's my job to introduce my students to a broad range of content that covers all sorts of subjects within social studies--history, economics, geography, culture, and government. The social studies resources that I've added to my site support standards in the People in Societies and Government strands of the Ohio Academic Content Standards. Two subjects, immigration and slavery in America, were ones that I thought were taught in just about any elementary school in America. Here's a rundown of what is now available at my site:
  • Waves of Immigration: 1892 - 1954 - This resource totals five webpages and describes the waves of immigrants that passed through Ellis Island. Two pages are dedicated to Ellis Island: one that delivers a brief history and the other telling what it was like for the immigrants when they registered there. Two other pages describe the immigrant experience when they arrived in America. All of the pages are printable so teachers can give students a hard copy--just click the Grab It! button.
  • Slavery in America - Another resource totaling five web pages, Slavery in America focuses mostly on the life of slaves in the United States. Topics include Negro Spirituals, Slave Narratives, the Underground Railroad, and the Emancipation Proclamation. These pages are not yet printable but will be very soon!
  • Declaration of Independence - I also have included a one page article on the Declaration of Independence. It talks about what is written on the document and explains a little of the history behind it. This page is printable.
Don't forget about the Constitution WebQuest - not really a WebQuest, but a quiz that takes students all over the Internet to find the answers to the questions. It is interactive and provides students with immediate feeback.

If you teach at the intermediate level, then these resources are perfect for you. Check them out and then pass them on, link to the site, print the pages, etc. Remember, they are all free!

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