Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bright Ideas for Your Classroom

Looking for some bright ideas for your classroom? I've added a new section to misterteacher.com called Bright Ideas for Your Classroom. As of now this section is still relatively small with two resources: Grants 101 and Digital Photography in the Classroom. Here's a rundown of each:
  • Grants 101: Grant-writing can be an extraordinarily time-consuming process. It may also be discouraging to receive so many rejection letters. If you want to increase your likelihood of getting a grant, you should at least avoid some of the most common mistakes and get the basics right. Grants 101 provides readers with tips to ensure that they’re on the right track to getting the money they need for the big project. There is a wealth of resources available online to help you find grants and craft proposals. You'll find five of the best sites at Grants 101.
  • Digital Photography in the Classroom - Built for educators in all grade levels and subject areas, this site provides readers with creative ways to integrate digital photograhy into their teaching. Here you'll learn how to acquire photos and then use them to create engaging activities for your students.
More bright ideas are in the works. Check back soon to see what is in store!

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born said...

Awesome post, i'll give some of those ideas a try for sure. Thanks!

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