Wednesday, March 29, 2006

60-Second Naturalist Podcasts: Finally Finished!

60-Second Naturalist Podcasts are now finished! I've uploaded a few of them to my classroom blog and they are now available for your listening pleasure. However, I don't think you'll get much pleasure out of listening to them. There's a lot of background noise: other students were in the classroom at the time of recording and failed to lower their voices to a level that wouldn't be recorded. Other kids recorded their podcasts in the hall to get away from classroom noise and ended up with echoes.

I can't say that I'll ever have my students doing these again. I just can't see the value through all the work it took to create them. There are so many other technologies that pack the same punch with a lot less work.

I will say though that it was neat to see how excited some of my kids were when they put the mp3 files of their podcasts on their iPods.

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Darren Kuropatwa said...

Hi Jamie,

I really liked the podcasts. In particular, the 60 second format. They were short, to the point and filled with content. They were all seemingly podcasting the same or similar content; I suppose they could have diversified that to create a unit audio review. I completely empathize with how you feel about the background noise but I thought it was great to hear the kids voices sharing what they've learned. I can only imagine how proud their parents will feel listening them. ;-)

I couldn't help thinking about the Classrooms as Studios that Clarence has been writing about and his post on Critiquing Podcasts. Do you think having a student "studio manager" to control the noise when someone is recording and maybe a student "technical director" (perhaps a few of these) to be responsible for uploading to (or wherever you're hosting the files) might streamline the process and provide the same value you get from other technologies? Do you have time in your curriculum for all this? Just a thought. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Symmetry project is great.