Thursday, November 03, 2005

News from around the Net

I subscribe to several eNewsletters, read many blogs, and listen to a variety of podcasts. Below are some of the best new resources I've learned about recently:
  • podOmatic - PodOmatic inc provides a revolutionary new service that enables anyone to easily find, create, and distribute podcasts. podOmatic will host your podcast with 250mb for free and provide online recording tools so all you need is a microphone. And if that's not enough, iTunes support is built right in. I tried it out the other night and creating a podcast doesn't get any easier! (Thanks to TILT for this one)
  • clusty - I'm really excited about this one! Clusty is a search engine that organizes search results into hierarchical clusters. I played around with this last night and my first impression is that this may more appropriate for classroom use than other search engines due to the clustering of results. No more endless searching looking for relevant sites! (Found this one on Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech)
  • H20 Playlist - An H2O Playlist is a series of links to books, articles, and other materials that collectively explore an idea or set the stage for a course, discussion, or current event. This site is perfect for the person who likes to present at conferences but doesn't like to waste paper for handouts. Direct participants to your H20 Playlist.
  • PowerMediaPlus - Similar to unitedstreaming, this site gives you access to digital video, audio, images, and more. No personal experience with this, but I have been using unitedstreaming and I have to say that I love it!
  • - Threw this one in here for fun. If you're a Dave Matthews Band fan, you need to check this site out. Here you can download live shows from the band for free!

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Monk said...

I am on a mission. I've been playing around with the various podcasting sites and they're all good. But I'm trying to figure out why PodOMatic and Odeo seem to be getting more press than ClickCaster which is similar in functionality and WAY better in terms of recording quality. Unlike Odeo and PodOMatic, they use a Java applet for recording vs. Flash for PoM and Odeo. Flash, for recording, sucks.

I decided to post KBFR's Studio Free shows on ClickCaster for this reason. They don't have as many features as Odeo and PoM, but I'm thinking they've got this 'should we be google or should we be yahoo' thing figured out.

Google is better. Simple, everything you need, nothing you don't.

Also, in talking with them, they'll be adding social networking aspects (like MySpace) soon, as well as some pretty sophisticated tools for recording that sound like they'll blow away anything you can do in Flash.

They also have NO limit on how much content you put up (some of my uploads are 500MB, and they let me put it ALL up there). They assure me this will remain the case. And it's free.

Anyway, let's give these guys some credit. They're not as flashy, but either is Google, and given the choice between a cluttered Yahoo search page loaded with ads and attempted popups, I'll take Google every time.

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