Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Section 4 - Communicate

Products are not always meant to be read only by a teacher, but can also be communicated to a larger audience. In the following assignment, you will take your concept cards and create a slide show for the other participants to view.

Assignment # 4 - Create a slideshow that communicates what you learned in your project to the group.
  1. Make sure each concept card is on a different page of your document. Center each image and its description.
  2. Go to the WINDOW menu & select SLIDE SHOW... Click START to begin the show. Hit Q on your keyboard to end the show.
  3. Move around the room to view others' slideshows.
More forms of communication:
  • Web pages - Does your district provide you with web space? Use it to publish student work. Imagine how excited students and their parents will be when they see their work on the Net!
  • Bulletin Boards - Put student work with digital images on a bulletin board.
  • Hallway Displays - Display student-created concept cards in the hallway.

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