Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Section 3 - Create

Educational activities often involve products. Word processing software makes it easy to incorporate digital images.

Assignment # 3 - Create three "concept cards" from three digital images from the Visual Classroom Photo Site. A concept card is a document (or web page) that contains an image with a description or definition of the concept pictured. Follow the directions below to download the images and add them to an Appleworks document.
  1. Find an image that you like and position your mouse over the photo.
  2. Press the control button on your keyboard and then click your mouse.
  3. A menu will pop up - select DOWNLOAD IMAGE TO DISK (IE Explorer) or SAVE IMAGE TO DESKTOP (Safari).
  4. A navigation window will pop up - give the image a new name and then save it to the desktop. Repeat with two other images.
  5. Open an Appleworks document.
  6. Go to the FILE menu and select INSERT... In the bottom right of the window, select ALL AVAILABLE.
  7. Find the image you want, click on it, and then click INSERT. Your image should appear in your document. From here, you can add the text that describes the image and apply any formatting you would like (center, increase size, change font, etc.).

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