Monday, March 21, 2005

SAT and Blogs

Check out this post from the K-F Libra/Tech Blog titled Blogging Will Help with the New SAT. The first line seemed like such common sense to me.
I am sure if teachers incorporate blogging into their curriculum the angst over this new writing component will eventually disappear.
I can imagine that angst is the proper word for what most of the students feel as they confront this section of the test. 25 minutes to read the prompt, decide a viewpoint, plan, and write the essay, all while trying to vary sentence structure, use clear and precise vocabulary, and leave time to check back on what you have written ( But what if students had a great deal of practice with this type of writing ahead of time? Would the angst still be there?

I agree with the post--if teachers were to incorporate blogging into their curriculum, in the form of short, timed writings, then students would go into the test prepared. Of course, this type of blogging would also prepare students for the state tests which, at least in my state (Ohio), they are required to pass to graduate.

It seems that everywhere I turn these days, there is another reason to bring blogs into the classroom. I have been writing for several months on the effect of nonfiction writing on student performance. The type of writing this new test requires--supporting a certain viewpoint--is precisely the nonfiction writing that needs to be practiced in each and every subject area, particularly math, science, & social studies. What better way to do it than to have your students practice this through blogging! I can't believe that none of the educational bloggers out there have picked up on this.

I can imagine SAT practice sessions based entirely on blogs. They sessions would consist of an hour-long class with a portion given to instruction, a portion given to writing a timed essay, and a portion on evaluating other students' responses. Or wait a minute, maybe this should be a standard lesson that all classroom teachers use on a regular basis.

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