Sunday, September 27, 2009

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SMARTBoard Mini-Movies

Using dominoes is an effective approach to teaching addition and subtraction. This month I created almost 40 new SMARTBoard mini-movies that teachers can use to teach doubles addition and family of facts with dominoes.

With the domino doubles, students can write an addition equation horizontally and then click the button to turn the domino vertically and write the equation with one number on top of the other. Family of facts dominoes present students with a domino with no dots on one side. Above the domino is a number. Using that number, and the number of dots on the domino, students must figure out the number of dots on the blank side.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Teach about Nature & Photosynthesis

With the change of season comes less daylight. Less daylight results in the fall color change for trees. This is the perfect time to get your students outside into nature to explore a local habitat, gather some leaves, and discuss the connection between the leaf change and photosynthesis. Check out the resources below for ideas and activities:

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Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for sometime... though this is my first comment here.

Thought would drop by and send you this site for your opinion before I start using it with my class.