Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mini-Movies for Your SmartBoard

By far the most popular site on is Alphabet Geometry.  The mini-movies there attract a large number of visitors.  What is a mini-movie? It's a Flash-based animation, often interactive, that lasts just a few seconds. The mini-movies on Alphabet Geometry make geometric concepts alive by showing how they relate to letters of the alphabet. 

It dawned on me the other day that the mini-movies that appear on AG are the same type of movies that SmartBoard users can insert into their Notebook files. So I decided to make the mini-movies on AG available for download so that teachers can grab them and use them offline.  They are free and as long as they are used for teaching lessons in the classroom, you can use them without restriction. 

I've been looking around the Internet for a site that offers something similar, and I have yet to find one.  Teachers Love SMART Boards has a page that links to SmartBoard Web resources, and those resources have Flash-based movies, but it appears that one must be online to use them. I can't believe that nobody has thought to provide movies that teachers can download and use without going to the Internet.

Check out the mini-movies here: Mini-movies for Your SmartBoard

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