Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More on Teens and the Internet

Internet safety has been a theme on this blog lately and two articles that I've read recently fit it perfectly--particularly the ways that teens are using the Internet. Below is a link and short description of each:
  • A colleague sent me an article from Yahoo! News called Poll: 'IM-ing' divides teens, adults. A large part of the Internet safety program that we put on for parents at my school was dedicated to informing them of how teens use the Internet. The survey in the article, conducted by the AP and AOL, found that there was a major "instant messaging gap" between teens and adults.
  • From The Christian Science Monitor comes Facebook: A Campus Fad becomes a Campus Fact. The article deals with how students on college campuses use Facebook and how the colleges have reacted. Although university students are the subjects of the article, there is much for K-12 educators to learn about the site.

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