Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Flickr for Teachers: Teachers Sharing Sets

It's become quite common for teachers to share effective or innovative lessons through their blogs. This morning while I was helping my first period class complete a project on probability, I thought of another great way to share ideas--through Flickr sets.

Throughout this week I had been taking photos of my students in various stages of the project so that I could have them post the photos to their blogs with a summary of their experiments (this would be considered an artifact in project-based learning). I took seven photos in all and decided to create a set that I could link to in future blog posts. As I worked it occurred to me that with the visuals and the descriptions below them, this would be a very effective way to share ideas with other teachers. If I wrote about this project in my blog, teachers would only be able to read about it. With Flickr, teachers also get a visual representation of what they would be reading on the blog.

So check out my probability project set and consider sharing your innovative classroom lessons in this manner. You also might want to join the Flickr for Education Group and start sharing ideas there.

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