Friday, April 29, 2005

A New Blog

Each day I read multiple blog entries from across the blogosphere that I would love to link to and comment on. Lack of time forbids me from doing this. Then I came across the remaindered links weblog. From the site:
Remainder n. "Something left over after other parts have been taken away."

I post several of these a day. You can think of them as the clicktrail of my journey through the Web.

Well, I thought of a way to post my own clicktrail. Using Bloglines, I plan to use the Clip/Blog This link at the end of each interesting link I read but have no time to write about to create a remaindered links weblog. I read a lot of blogs and articles each day and I feel that this blog could be helpful to many. Click Future of Math - Interesting Links to read and subscribe.

1 comment:

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