Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Victory for the Good Guys

A few days ago, Will stated "The battle for the 'Net is about to be engaged..."

Well, victory number one for the good guys has occurred. I just learned this past week that I'll be teaching a graduate course on blogs to the teachers in my district this coming June. After viewing my session (Web Logs in the Mathematics Classroom) at Ohio SchoolNet in February, the district's coordinator of instructional technology (CofIT) was impressed enough to put me on the schedule. My session also got me an article on the district's web site.

Now this entry is not about tooting my own horn, but to explain how interest in web logs and technology beyond Powerpoint is growing in my district. I must say that the CofIT really seems to have a proper vision for integrating technology into the classroom. Now if our school levy would just pass this May, I might be able to keep my job and enjoy contributing to this vision next year.

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