Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Reflection

I've overwhelmed myself all year long trying to be superteacher. So now I've decided to just focus on two main goals for the rest of the year:
  1. Blogfolios - Continue to have students add entries to their blogs so that they can improve their writing.
  2. Assessment - Use assessment for learning to increase student learning. I've been trying to incorporate new assessment strategies all year long, but other distractions (like trying to make every lesson an innovative masterpiece) have kept me from implementing them fully. So my goal is to give more short-term assessments that consist of one or two word-problems and then base my teaching off of them.
That's it. No more worrying about whether each lesson is problem/project-based/hands-on/visual, kinesthetic/blah...blah...blah...


juju30 said...
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juju30 said...

Your comments about making everyday lessons into masterpieces makes me laugh.
I have the same problems- I am bogged down in trying to make my social studies lesson plans new and innovative that I don't concentrate enough on the assessment piece when I know I should!!
Thanks for the laughs.

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