Sunday, January 16, 2005


Liked Will's post on Weblogg-ed about Podilicious: imagined social search engine and clips manager for the Podosphere. The design of Podilicious is based on successful social software such as (its namesake), Flickr, and Furl.

So I thought of a tool that I would love to have--InspireNote, based on Webnote, a tool for taking notes on your computer during a meeting, class, or any other time that you have a web browser available. The difference here is that instead of the notes appearing as post-its, they appear as symbols like the ones in Inspiration. In fact, InspireNote would perform all the same functions that Inspiration does--linking symbols, rapidfire brainstorming, adding URLs--only through a web browser.

For those of us who see the world better visually, this would be an amazing tool. We would be able to open a couple of tabs in Firefox, and as we came across interesting quotes and other information, we could copy from a Web page on one tab and paste them into InspireNote, open in another tab, making a graphic organizer with the information.

Now I'm no developer, but I would love to see somebody out there take on something like this!


Will Richardson said...

Hey James...great idea. I love Webnote, but I could get into Inspire note as well. I've just started tagging my Webnote posts...duh! Should have thought about that long ago. Then I just use the filter. Have to keep a separate note going with the tags, however. Yikes! The thing I'm starting to bump up against with all of this right now is the "Where's my Stuff?" question. I've got feeds and notes and Furls and posts and god knows what else. At what point do they all come together in an all encompasing "My Stuff" software where I can tag it and save it and find it and connect it get the idea. I feel a blog post coming on. Thanks for reading.

Rebecca Fiedler said...

I'm a big Inspiration fan, too. I recently read about Claim Maker, but haven't had time to try it. You might find it worth exploring. I wish I could tell you more.