Monday, December 13, 2004

Stephen's Web: Nine Rules for Good Technology

Great paper from Stephen's Web today about Nine Rules for Good Technology in the classroom. While looking over it, I decided to write an entry that applies the rules to the technologies that I've been writing about on this blog. Listed below are a few of the rules with a short explanation and a list of the technologies that fit for each. Note: It is possible that my interpretation of some of the rules may be completely wrong.

4. Good technology is standardized. Standardization promotes interoperability.
  • Flickr - Key word here is interoperability. This site allows you to blog photos to all the major blog hosting services.
5. Good technology is simple. "Good intuitive. To use an elevator, I press the floor number. Simple. To make a phone call, I dial the number. Easy."
  • Blogger - Think of how easy it is to set up a blog here. Type in a username, password, a few other things, and then click a few buttons, and before you know it you have your own Web site.
  • Flickr - Click a few buttons and you're ready to show your photos to the world.
  • iPhoto - Connect a camera and click a button. You have now mastered iPhoto. No stupid software to install. Apple is the best.
  • Furl - Once you have an account and have added your "Furl It" button to the address bar, it doesn't get much simpler than this.
6. Good technology does not require parts.
  • Blogger, Flickr, Furl, Wikis ... All of these reside on the Internet.
7. Good technology is personalized.
  • Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal - I get to decide the name of my blog, what template I want to use, what my URL address is, and on. Good stuff.
  • Flickr - Determine your URL, design your own badges, etc.
  • Wikis - Editable Web sites. Enough said.
I hope I didn't completely misinterpret these to the point of making them something they weren't.

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