Monday, November 08, 2004


Just found out that I'll be presenting a one hour session at the SOITA conference. Initially, I had proposed a two hour, hands-on session, but I was told that there were no rooms for this type of presentation. I'll be settling for a one hour lecture.

Of course this means the title and the content of my session will change. Instead of being called "Future of Math," it will now be called "Blogs, Forums, & Digicams: Cutting Edge Technology for Your Classroom." I'm trying to liven up the Web site before the conference so that when I direct people to it it will look as professional as possible.

I hadn't been to Weblogg-ed in a while, so I decided to give it a look. It's amazing what I missed in just a week's time: Podcasts, wikis, and more! This site is an amazing resource! I decided to research a couple of these items. This research has me believing that Future of Math needs to change direction slightly. I feel the focus of my site should be on cutting edge technologies--technologies that very few teachers are using in their mathematics classrooms. We'll see...

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