Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Head is Spinning, Part 3

I checked out my RSS feeds on Bloglines today. I literally could spend hours checking these each day as I follow the interesting links in each feed. By the way, have any other Internet Explorer: Mac users noticed the annoying line going through the middle of the page when they leave Bloglines? This is what has kept me from using the site for my personal blog. In fact, if I could find a comparable site for my RSS feeds I would switch right away. This is really too bad because none of the RSS sites are comparable.

I also starting "furling" today. Feel free to check out my links and subscribe. I'm just beginning to furl, so the list will continue to get bigger as time goes by. I must say that furling is quite enjoyable, and with the "Furl It" button on my toolbar, it's really simple.

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