Friday, November 19, 2004

Creating My Own VLE, Part 1

I downloaded Moodle the other day. It wasn't until after I read the README document that I realized one must possess some programming skills to set it up. I do not possess these. What do I have though is the knowledge to be able to find comparable, though separate, sites on the Internet that will allow me to create my own Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to use in my math classroom. There are sites that host free forums; sites for blogs (like Blogger); digital photos sites that allow you to blog your photos (Flickr); and free Wiki sites, which can act as the launchpad for all of the above. The next few posts will be an account of how to create your own VLE--for free.

Heck, as I said in a previous post, creating a VLE for my classroom was really what Future of Math was about; I just didn't know it until I read the Moodle philosophy. So stay tuned as I document the steps needed to create a free VLE for math class.

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