Tuesday, July 13, 2004

About The Future of Math

Welcome to the companion blog to what I hope will become a very popular Web site. I don't know of any other sites on the Net that are as comprehensive as mine will be. There are sites that help teachers incorporate digital media into the classroom, but they don't provide much assistance with math.

As of today, I am struggling to get the Web site created. There are too many other (more important) things in my life (like raising triplets!). My goal is to have it completed by the end of July. We'll see.

I plan to give information about, and tips for using, six forms of digital media in the mathematics classroom: blogs, discussion forums, digital cameras, spreadsheets, Inspiration, & digital video, although I don't foresee getting this section completed for some time. The site is a work in progress. The only section I have (almost) completed is the blog section.

In my research, I have yet to find any discussion on how to incorporate blogs into the mathematics classroom, much less how to use them to teach standards. Perhaps most (definitely not all) math teachers aren't aware of how powerful a learning tool writing can be for math; or they have yet to learn about blogs.

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